Providing Education and Opportunity to Students Everywhere is proud to be an active GEAR UP partner, supporting NCCEP/GEAR UP’s strategy to:

EXCEL delivers live online instruction to reinforce great study habits,personalized instruction, and academic confidence


Every session is recorded;all attendance and hours tracked;with student and teacher feedback available for each and every session.

MOBILIZE is a scalable and customizable solution proudly serving GEAR UP students nationwide

The education market has seen a wave of online learning tools designed to improve student outcomes. And while it can be difficult to distinguish one technology from the next, there is no substitute for live, one-on-one instruction delivered by Certified Teachers.

That’s what makes an online learning company like no other. uses only Certified Teachers for all student instruction. Students and Teachers connect via’s virtual whiteboard for personalized live online lessons that are recorded and archived for unlimited student access. teachers help students develop a solid study skills foundation that supports a lifetime of academic achievement and confidence.’s mission is simple- to provide quality education to students everywhere- regardless of circumstance, location, or ability.  In partnering with GEAR UP, connects students to teachers and tools that adapt to individual learning style and need, ensuring student success from elementary school to high school, college, and beyond.





All instruction is delivered by Certified Teachers, specialized in the subject area in which they are teaching.


VIRTUAL CLASSROOM’s virtual whiteboard features a video and chat feature, with extensive teaching tools, including pdf and video upload functionality for interactive lessons.



All hours and attendance are tracked, student and teacher feedback are available for each and every session.



Recorded sessions provide accountability, and are available to the student for continuous review, providing a lifetime of learning.



Completely customizable solution.  Sessions offered in individual or group sessions, before, during or after-school.



Students excel in this interactive learning environment, and rely on our recordings to ensure they understand the material.

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Grant Partners

Serving GEAR UP, STEP, C-STEP and P-Tech Programs.



Idaho State
Department of

New York
Institute of Technology

City University
New York

Laurens 55 School District, South Carolina

What Our Partners are Saying About Us

  • "We have offered iTutor to our high school students in our PTech and Smart Scholars Early College High School programs for the past two years.  The service has allowed us to provide individualized academic support to select students during non-traditional hours at their mutually-scheduled time with an iTutor.  The program has been very well-received by our students. "

    Dr. Harold Dean
    Dr. Harold Dean Director of Grants, Funded Programs & Student Achievement
  • "As Director of the GEAR UP initiative at Nassau Community College, it is my sincere pleasure to recommend iTutor to my colleagues in the GEAR UP network and their school district partners. The flexibility, accountability and pairing of students with State-Certified Teachers provided them with the professional instructional support they so needed."

    Marilyn Monroe, Director
    Marilyn Monroe, Director Center for Excellence and Innovation in Education at Nassau Community College
  • "We have been unusually fortunate to find a partner in iTutor who can support all of our students’ needs, interests and aptitudes.  Indeed, iTutor’s teachers can support our most challenged students as well as our most brilliant.  As a school for high functioning students with disabilities, many of our students evidence typical disabilities while others are brilliant and so need rigor and a challenge.  Few schools can serve such a broad range of students, and iTutor does it exceptionally well."

    James Bertsch
    James Bertsch Assistant Principal Iris Wolfson School

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Attending the Capacity Building Workshop in NYC Feb 5th-8th, 2017?